Best Tourist Season (September – March)
Airport: 24 kms from city centre. Well connected from Jodhpur and Udaiur
Railway: Jaisalmer is linked by rail with Delhi and Jodhpur.
Road: Ahmedabad 606 kms, Bikaner 330 kms, Delhi 770 kms, Jaipur 558 kms, Jodhpur 280 kms, Khimsar 320 kms, Khuri 50 kms, Manwar 170 kms, Osian 245 kms, Pokran 110 kms, Sam 45 kms.

Jaisalmer is spectacular. This city was founded by Rawal Jaisal in 1156. Trikuta hill was chosen for the site of the new city and Jaisal abandoned his old fort at Lodurva and established this new capital – Jaisalmer. Due to its remote location, Jaisalmer remained untouched for years by outside influences and during British Raj, the Rulers of Jaisalmer were the last to sign the instrument of agreement with the British.
The glory of Jaisalmer faded when sea trade replaced the old land routes. But there is still an ‘Arabian Nights’ quality about the town. The narrow streets in the walled city preserve a traditional way of life: the craftsmen still work at the ancient crafts of weaving and stone carving, the making of silver jewellery and embroidery. And the stately, nonchalant camel is everywhere.
Winter is the perfect time for Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer’s Desert Festival, celebrated in January/February, is a must on any itinerary. The desert seems to bloom in a thousand colours. Camel races, folk dances, craft bazaars and traditional ballad singing, and a sound and light spectacle on the sand-dunes of Sam on the full moon night.

Jaisalmer is located at 26.92° N 70.9° E
Average elevation of 229 mtrs (751 feet)
Located on the border of India and Pakistan in West Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer is just 5.1 kms.

Summer maximum 41.6°C and minimum 25°C
Winters maximum 23.6°C and minimum 7.9°C
Railfall 150 mm (annual)

Population 58,286 (as of 2001 India census)
Males 57
Females 43
Jaisalmer has an average literacy rate of 64%, higher than the national average of 59.5%

Sightseeing in Jaisalmer
The Fort:
Manak Chowk and Havelies:
Gandsisar Lake:
Tazia Tower:
Salim singh-ki-Haveli:
Jain Temples:
Gyan Bhandar or Library:

Wood Fossil Park, Aakal:
Sam Sand Dunes:
Desert National Park:
Amar Sagar:
Bada Bagh:
Mool sagar:
Camel Safaris: