Best Tourist Season (October – March)
Airport: Nearest Airport is Delhi 150 km.
Railway: Bharatpur Railway Station is 35 km, Mathura 36 km, Agra 98 km.
Road: Agra 98 km, Bharatpur 35 km, Delhi 150 km, Jaipur 194 km, Mathura 36 km.


Deeg – a town and a municipality in Bharatpur District in Rajasthan state, India. Deeg is situated in the north of Bharatpur.
According to Hindu mythology, Deeg comes under the Parikrama path of Lord Krishna, starting from Govardhan – which is just 12 km far from Deeg. Some identify it as the ancient town of “Dirgha” or “Dirghapur” mentioned in Skanda Purana. Deeg was the first capital of Bharatpur, when Badan Singh was proclaimed its ruler in 1722. Maharaja Suraj Mal erected a strong fortress of Deeg in 1730. Later Suraj Mal moved the capital to Bharatpur and Deeg becase the second capital of the rulers of Bharatpur princely state.

Deeg located at 27.47°N 77.33°E
Average elevation of 174 m (571 ft)

Population of 40,826 (as of 2001 India census)
Male 54%
Female 46%
Literary rate 61% higher than the national average of 59.5%

Sightseeing in Deeg
Deeg Palace
The 900 fountains are the major attraction of Deeg Palace which work on special occasions.
Deeg palace remains closed on Fridays.

Deeg is famous for 3 days fair held in the month of September, when the forts of Deeg are brought to liveliness. Deeg has various kinds of palaces, the most famous among them is “Sawan-Bhadon”. This Palace has a hollow ceiling with rilling iron spheres in it. When water is made to flow in to the ceilings, these sphers collide with each other and produce a sound like raining clouds.

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