Tips For Choosing The Right Camel Safari Tour Packages Jaisalmer
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Are you planning to head to Rajasthan to have an adventurous trip or looking to spend your vacation making some beautiful memories? Then trying a Camel Safari in Jaisalmer and exploring the vast Thar desert must be on your Bucket list. Because it’s always highly recommended to the ones who are planning to head to Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Tours India is a reputed agency to provide the best travel package for Rajasthan trips. Riding while witnessing a beautiful sunset in the desert will become one of the best moments that you’ll never be able to forget in your lifetime.

Camping there under the lit starry night, dancing and singing with your loved ones, and doing your favorite activities will make your trip a memorable one. Even though it’s a great place to plan your trip, some mistakes can ruin it or it might not go as you imagined it to be.

To make your vacation memorable and exciting without having any obstacles, it is wise enough to plan your trip accordingly. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid these mistakes.

Here Are Some Tips To Choose The Right Camel Safari Tour Packages Jaisalmer

Camel Safari

1. Choose The Right Season

If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan then it must be planned in the right season. The camel safari will not be fun if you do it in April when your skin is burning at high temperatures. The temperature in Rajasthan during summer goes up to 50  degrees. So never choose the wrong season to plan your trip. In monsoon, it won’t be a pleasant season either.

Your plan of camping in the desert under the starry night will be ruined because of rain.To enjoy it to the fullest, choose winter time (September to March) to plan your trip instead. These months are quite pleasing according to Rajasthan’s temperature. You can enjoy Camel safari along with other activities while enjoying dreamy sunsets.

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2. Don’t Book In Advance

Here is another tip. Avoid pre-booking for transportation, attractions, or accommodations because of sudden changes in your plan, or a slight delay might cause unused reservations, or you might end up paying more than necessary if you book online.

However, for a night stay, you can book your hotel but not more than that. But it’s best to wait and book a camel safari in Jaisalmer in advance.

3. Don’t Select The First Option

You should always double-check things before making your final decision. You should avoid going on with the first option. Like, if your hotel offers a camel safari, take a walk to have a look around first or maybe go around shopping. That way, you can see if the price they’re offering is fair compared to what others are charging.

However, in Jaisalmer, everyone may charge differently for the Camel safari. And always make sure to research before so you won’t end up finding out that you paid more than necessary. Prices for hotel rooms depend on the service they provide. If you’re in a fancy resort, charges might be high, but if you want to camp under the stars, it’ll likely be cheaper. So, take your time and choose wisely!

4. What’s Included In The Package

When you go on trips, always make sure to get detailed information about the best Rajasthan tour package like what is included in the package you are getting. It will make a huge difference and make your trip more exciting. For example:
  • How much are they charging?
  • Will there be a discount?
  • Will essential things be provided?
  • Is our safety ensured?
  • Where will we be staying at night?

5. Pick Private Dunes Instead Of Sam Sand Dunes

In Jaisalmer’s deserts, you will not find dunes everywhere, there are only a few places to see dunes. But  Sam dunes are the most popular ones where it’s likely to see lots of camps and tourists.

But if it’s not according to your liking then you can go with private dunes and enjoy yourself.

6. Come Well Prepared

If it’s your first trip to Jaisalmer, then you should come well-prepared. According to the weather, pack some essential things with you. And yes don’t forget to bring sunscreen with you. Wishing you a wonderful and memorable journey.

7. Experience All Budgets

In Jaisalmer, you’ll find a massive range of budgets, from luxury camps to normal ones. You can always choose one according to your budget.

8. Enjoy The Jaisalmer Camel Safari To The Fullest!

These are a few tips that can help you throughout your trip to Jaisalmer. If you have made up your mind for this trip then you can follow up on these tips to make your trip easy and memorable. Make lots of memories there, explore Rajasthan as much as you can, and have a blast.

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