Rajasthani Folk Dances

Rajasthani Folk Dance
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Rajasthan, the royal Indian state is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical Forts. The place is world famous for being the ancient land of Maharajas & Rajputana rulers.

Rajasthani Folk Dances play a significant role in its vibrant culture which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also narrates stories in a unique, captivating manner.

If you want to explore the culture of Rajasthan, then these folk dances will surely attract you towards the beauty of the authentic state.

Here are famous Rajasthani Folk Dances that you might admire a lot

1. Ghoomar

Ghoomar-Rajasthani Folk Dance

A community dance of the Rajputs that is performed by the womenfolk of Rajasthan. It is probably the most popular folk dance in Rajasthan. Introduced by the Bhil tribe, this dance form was later on adopted by the royal communities of Rajasthan, including Rajputs.

It is performed by women on special occasions and festivities, such as on the arrival of a newlywed bride at her husband’s house, Holi and Teej, etc.

This dance form uses simple swaying moves to convey the spirit of any auspicious event. All women perform or take part in this by traditionally covering their faces.

There is an amazing grace as the skirts of the women rotate when they move around in circles.

2. Kalbelia

Kalbelia-Dance-Rajasthani Folk Dance

This intriguing kalbelia dance form is performed by the ladies of Kalbelia group, age-old occupation exchanging snake venom. Consequently, the dance moves and the costumes/attires look to some extent like that of the snakes.

In this dance, artists are attired in conventional dark whirling skirts twisting to the backup of pungi, dufli and notes of the ‘been’ (the wooden instrument of the snake charmers). A few ladies sing in a piercing, high-pitched voice, while others participate in the dance. The vivacious and spirited showcase of their ideal dance movements to the captivating tune of melodic instruments is a treat to every eye.

3. Kathputli Dance

Kathputli Dance-Rajasthani Folk Dance

It is a famous puppet dance show that has been around for centuries. In Rajasthan, this puppetry dance form has its great significance. Through this Kathputli puppet dance show, they narrate different types of mythological and past tribal stories. This puppet show displays the rich culture and traditional values of ancient days.

Best Places to enjoy the Dance: Marwar region and almost all the villages in Rajasthan.

4. Dandiya

Dandiya-Rajasthani Folk Dance

A colorful dance played by both men and women in Rajasthan, it is a popular and simple dance play along with folk music. This dance is performed by twirling in rounds and playing with Dandiya sticks.

Men and women dance rhythmically according to the beats of music in vivid attires that look very colorful and impressive. This dance form is mostly performed during festivals and marriages.

Best Places to enjoy the Dance: Jaipur and almost all the places in Rajasthan.

5. Kachhi Ghodi

Kachhi Ghodi-Rajasthani Folk Dance

A popular dance form performed by the men representing the tales of Bandits of Shekhawati district. At that time, men wear various customary clothing like dhoti, turbans, and kurtas. They play out the dance by riding on puppet horses. It keeps running with the background tunes identified with Bandits and mock battles with swords.

Best Places to enjoy the Dance: Shekhawati region, Jaipur, and Udaipur.

6. Gair Dance

Gair Dance-Rajasthani Folk Dance

Gair is another popular folk dance form which is performed by the Bhil group. This dance execution mostly occurred during the celebrations like Holi and Janmashtami.
In this, two people play out this move structure in beautiful conventional clothing types.

Men clothing types look appealing in long skirts and furthermore they handle sticks for musical beats. The move developments in clockwise and hostile to clockwise moves as per the music beats pull in everybody.

Best Places to Enjoy: Marwar

7. Bhavai Dance

Bhavai-Rajasthani Folk Dance

Bhavai is a handy and magnificent move execution by the ladies adjusting 6 to 7 metal or earthen pots on the head. To play out this conventional move structure needs incredible exertion and diligent work.

Aside from adjusting the pots, they will move by setting their feet on a plate or on the edge of a weapon. Simply think, adjusting the pots and moving inside a plate, it’s genuinely staggering move execution.

Best Places to enjoy the Dance: Jaipur and Bikaner.

These are some of the few popular and music forms & folk dances of Rajasthan, which are also played all over India. Every dance form & folk arts illustrate the significant traditional values and the past of Rajasthan.

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