The Best 1 Day Taj Mahal Tour in India

1 Day Taj Mahal Tour in India is one of the best tours that the tour agencies offer in the wide range of packages. The ethnic beauty and fascinating architecture of India will provide you with a thrill of entertainment giving you much fun during the visit. India is embedded with a great affluence of history, cultures, traditions, festivals and customs that most people travel from all over the world to come and enjoy them. The one day trip is meant to cover all the sights in one single day. The trip starts from Delhi to the beautiful Agra and then back to Delhi. Taj Mahal is home to the Seven Wonders of the World and is also known as the home to poetic love.

The Taj Mahal is also known as the best works of architecture of Mughal that is said to combine the elements from Persian, Ottoman Turkic and the Indian architectural style. The UNESCO declared the Taj Mahal as a World Heritage Site in 1983.

A same day tour schedule of Taj Mahal is as follows:

  • 0500 Hrs; Pick up from hotel

From the hotel one is driven to the New Delhi railway station where one will board the Shatabadi Train which includes travelling to Agra in a luxury compartment where breakfast is served. As one is in the train, you are able to have a good view of the city.

The journey usually takes four hours since the distance is around 204 kilometers.

  • 0800 Hrs; Arrival at Agra

Here you will be met by the company’s tour guide who will give you a tour of the Agra and enjoy the beautiful architectural sites and palaces.

  • 0900 Hrs; A visit to the worlds famous Taj Mahal

This actually is the priority, where one can see with enshrined carvings on marble. One of the Seven Wonders of the World was built here by the Grandson of Akbar – The Great Shah Jahan during 1628-1658 in the loving memory of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal.

  • 1100 Hrs; A visit to the majestic Agra fort or the Red fort

Agra fort is known as a live chronicle of the glorious periods of the Mughal rule in India.

  • 1200 Hrs; Time for shopping and leisure

The prices of different souvenirs available here are cheap and allow one to acquire all the available items in the market, and the art works too which are beautiful and attractive.

  • 1300 Hrs; Time for lunch and refreshments

Enjoy the various traditional dishes prepared in the hotels and restaurants with cold refreshing drinks.

  • 1430 Hrs; an Excursion to the Fatehpur Sikri

This entails numerous shrines built during the Mughal rule and the exploration of the deserted red sandstone city

  • 1730; A drive back to the Agra and then back to Delhi

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