Spend a week in Rajasthan and enjoy the places of tourist interest

As you may be aware Rajasthan is rich in places of tourist interest. If you want to visit every place in Rajasthan, perhaps you must be able to spare at least a month. But, with your busy schedule if you are not able spend much time, then spend at least about a week as that would give you a wonderful insight into the various places of tourist interest that are there in Rajasthan. During this period. Go on a Golden Triangle Luxury Tour arranged by some of the reputed tour operators. You would certainly enjoy every minute of your tour and you will carry with you the wonderful experiences of such a tour.

Customize the tour:

You can customize this as a private tour exclusively for your touring party. In such cases, you will be taken on the tour by car. Alternatively, you can join other tourists in the Golden Triangle Luxury Tour conducted by the tour operator.

This is a fascinating tour and depending on the duration of your tour, you would be visiting almost every important place of tourist interest in Rajasthan. Normally, this category of tour is spread over a period of three days to seven days. The other features of this category of tour are briefly explained here:

  • Depending on the duration of tour, you will be visiting important places of tourist interest like for example, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar and such other places.

  • You will be accompanied by a qualified and experienced tourist guide who can speak fluent English. In fact, some of the guides are also fluent in one or two south Indian Languages as well.

  • The tour includes breakfast, food and snacks. You will be provided comfortable accommodation in some of the reputed hotels. In some places you will be accommodated in heritage hotels. You will have to bear entrance fee that may be charged in some of the places of tourist interest. You will also be given enough time for shopping.

  • You will also be provided with free airport or railway station pick up and drop services.

Discuss with your tour operator:

Normally, for such tours you will have to book your seats sufficiently in advance. This will also enable to bargain and get early booking discounts. Before booking your seats for the tour, you may also discuss with the tour operator about the type of tour that would suit your budget and itinerary.

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